onsdag 5 juli 2000

Kroniskt trött?

Nedanstående har jag skrivit på engelska en gång och jag orkar inte skriva om det till svenska, so sue me ;)

Dang I´m tired! Didn´t catch much sleep tonight. First I went mountainbiking with a friend and it went pretty kate before I had showered and laid myself down to sleep. Later in the night a dripping noise woke me, I opened my eyes and tried to locate the source of the sound. I came to the conclusion that it was raining against the window and fell asleep again.

A little moment later I woke again by the same noice. This time I somehow figured it was my fan in the ceiling making funny noises again so I went back to sleep. Once more the sound woke me, this time I thought it was someone moving around in the apartment. The extra adrenalin kick made me almost awake this time. I sat up in the bed and listened after more noises. Suddenly I felt water splashing against my skin. I then realized what was happening. A plant standing upon a shelf had had a tad too much water and could no longer keep tight.

So, I had to get up and clean up the mess. The water had soked a stereo so I got a bit concerned about the thingies helth. Later I had a hard time falling aslpeed again. Just to mock myself I woke almost 45 minutes before my alarmclock and it was impossible to get more sleep. I had almost no clue where I was when it finaly rung *sigh*. Tonite I´m planning to hit the sack really early!

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